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Reducing overall costs with cheap VPS hosting

The advantages of cheap VPS hosting are tremendous.  You not only get stability to keep your site up and running but you also have the performance that can allocate the resources of the server to take care of you and your customers. VPS run on dedicated servers providing you with more disk space, CPU time and more RAM. You also get to choose your operating system and server side software.  All that means is you get more power for your money when you use cheap VPS hosting.

Cheap VPS

VPS Hosting ProviderCostDiskspaceRAM/Burst RamBandwidthPlanIPSsetup
Burst Net5.9520 GB512 MB1000 GBLinux VPS 1212 Hours
VPSLink6.622.5 GB64 MB100 GBLink-115 min
Fanatical VPS7.0030 GB384/768 MBUnMeteredMicro1Instant
PhotonVPS10.9520 GB512 MB500 GBBeam 1224 hour

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Benefits of unmetered VPS hosting

If you want to run your own online business, it is important to consider a variety of factors.  There are a lot of costs involved if you have your own business set up.  Unmetered VPS hosting is something which you should consider as it works economical and is a safe bet.

It is possible to get maximum bandwidth by just having to pay a flat rate for your hosting.  This means you will be able to attract traffic to your websites without having to pay a heavenly price for the hosting.  Instead for going for cheaper plans, one can check out for unmetered VPS hosting without having to stretch your budget.  This type of VPS hosting is ideal for start-up companies who have limited resources but really want to be successful in their business. Web owners can really maximize profits, thanks to the limitless bandwidth.  Last but not the least; it is possible to get maximum out of minimal investment and enjoy profits as well.

Low Cost Unmetered VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting ProviderPlan NameRAMDisk SpaceIPUnmetered PortPrice
Fanatical VPSMicro384/76830 Gb1 +1000Mb/s10.00
Fanatical VPSMini512 / 1024MB50 Gb1 +1000Mb/s15.00
VPSLime.comLemon38445 Gb2100Mb/s17.00
ServerOrigin.comStarter Open_VZ (Cloud)256/51210 Gb1100Mb/s19.00
MochaHostPerfetto1650/100040 Gb2100Mb/s19.95
Fanatical VPSMed768/153670 Gb1 +1000Mb/s20.00
InternetVPSVPS Standard2048100 Gb1100Mb/s19.99

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Maximising your profits with Windows VPS hosting

If you are looking out for a cost effective and efficient solution, then Windows VPS hosting is the right choice.  You get to reap the benefits of the dedicated hosting as well as shared hosting.  Dedicating hosting may be a slightly expensive proposition for start up and new companies.  In that case, Windows VPS hosting is what works affordable for your business.

Safety is the first important feature in every business and with Windows VPS hosting, one does not have to spend unnecessary time managing updates.  The servers are managed on a daily basis and your server remains secure and safe.  There are hosting companies that ensure that the VPS is managed for you.  There is round the clock support and every technical issue is attended to in the right manner.  Before signing up for the Windows VPS hosting, double check with the provider whether they would be doing this for free or would there be separate charges for managing the server.

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