VPS Hosting Activation Times

How fast does it take to get a Virtual Private Server account activated?  How long is it going to take to setup your VPS account?  Good question!  I wanted to know myself so I am working on a list of the times it takes to set up and activate your account on various VPS hosts. How did I determine this?  I either sent an email asking how long it took to the support group  or chatted with a customer service representative and asked the same question.  How I learned the time is included in the list.  In no way is this a comprehensive list.  If there are some you know that are missing, use to the contact tab or leave a comment and let us know.  This list will be updated as I get more information and times.  Not all of the virtual server hosts I contacted, responded back.

There is a pretty wide gap in the amount of time it took to setup and activate a VPS account.  From 5 mins to 3 days.  If you are looking for hosts with instant activation VPS accounts,, you can take a look below.

VPS Hosting ProviderVPS Activation TimeHow DeterminedVPS OSCountry
Under 5 MinsChat with SupportLinuxUSA
nethosting.com5 minschat with supportLinuxUSA
UltraHosting.com5 minsemail supportLinux or WindowsCanada
5 minsemail supportLinuxUSA
A2hosting.com15 minsemail supportLinuxUSA
15 minsemail supportLinuxUSA
EasyCGI.com 15 minsemail supportLinuxUSA
Netfirms.com15-30 minschat with supportLinuxUSA
eBoundHost.com10-60 minsemail supportLinuxUSA
myhosting.com1 houremail supportLinux or WindowsCanada
ServerPronto.com2 Hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsUSA
HostICan.com2 hoursemail supportLinuxUSA
Hostcats.com2 hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsIndia
Hostgator.com1-4 hourschat with supportLinuxUSA
Inmotionhosting.com4 hoursemail supportLinuxUSA
IXwebhosting.com6 hourschat with supportLinux or WindowsUSA
fastnext.com8 hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsUSA
GotWebHost.com1-24 hourswebsiteLinuxUSA
GigaTux.com1-24 HoursContactedLinuxUK
12 Hoursemail supportlinuxUSA
Gate.com12-24 hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsUSA
WebHostingBuzz.com12-24 hoursemail supportLinuxUK
glowhost.comrup to 24hoursemail supportLinuxUSA
24 HoursSupport TicketLinuxUSA
1and1.com24 hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsUSA
NetworkSolutions.com24-72 Hoursemail supportWindowsUSA
GoDaddy.com up 72 hoursemail supportLinux or WindowsUSA
SuperWebs.com72 hoursemail supportLinuxUSA

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