VPSland.com VPS Hosting Review

by GrinningFool on June 19, 2011

Great Service VPS Hosting at Affordable Prices at VPSLand

vpsland reviewsAwarded the best web hosting company in 2009 by HostReview’s award panel, VPSLAND has served to win million of hearts. The Business Class hosting provider specializes in Advanced Virtual Private Server hosting.  VPS, Virtual Private sector, mainly caters to the Business and Advanced users. Their plans are especially for those who require a higher degree of control and access over their websites and its applications.

Consisting of staff that has industry leading technical experience from RedHat Certified Engineers (RHCE), Microsoft Credited Systems Engineers (MCSE) and Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) the VPSLAND.com provides the best internet solution and the best Linux VPS hosting since 1994. Providing a superior service and support, VPSLAND ensures a stable, secure and efficient Virtual Private Server network. The 24 hour customer service, fully managed solutions and latest server technology gears to concentrate on their client’s business and its requirements.

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The VPSLAND servers being located in Marietta in downtown Atlanta GA, which is the home to the third richest fiber network hub in US, gives it the advantage of convenient access to all the major telecommunication providers in the country. The network provides them with multiple backbones such that if one connection fails another can be used. VPSLAND uses the same power grid that supports the Federal Reserve Bank. The infrastructure with superior power ensures that the power failure never becomes an issue. Along with superior technology for providing the best internet solution in the country, VPSLAND.com, the privately owned and funded company also has Environmental Control units, Fire-suppression system and high tech security patrols in its data center.

Types of VPS Plans offered by VPSland

VPSLAND is now offering Windows 2003 and windows 2008 VPS hosting with full desktop access and improved net support. A double ram is being offered with the plan absolutely free! It is also offering Linux VPS new Plans with your own choice of operating system and a free Plesk 30 domain along with. The specialized plans are being offered at affordable rates.

The all new Affiliate Program of VPSLAND.com ensures the highest paying commission rate in the industry. The simple process of affiliation with the webhost provider can help you earn quick bucks. For each sale you deliver, you earn 50 per cent of it.

Providing cost-effective, high tech, secure and reliable Linux web hosting services to small business and enterprises is VPSLAND’s core motive. It provides their customers hardware with minimum specifications with an ultrafast internet backbone and the perfect Linux VPS hosting leaving them more than satisfied.

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Peter Barlow June 22, 2011 at 9:55 pm

I have to say that the VPSLand pricing on Windows V 2008 VPS appeared to be very good, and I opened (I thought) an account with them early this morning with one of my credit cards. The 1st card I tried to use did not go through, as it was evidently part of their on-line security process (I found out). The 2nd MC went through, and I received several automated responses (including a receipt) from VPSLand. Later this morning, I am trying to log-in to what I thought was my new account with them, and I kept getting a response that my email and/or my password was invalid. After several attempts, I went onto to their site and performed a ‘live chat’. I was told that they needed to verify my CC account and they wanted me to send them a front and back copy of the CC before they would (actually) open my new VPS account. Stunned…I asked the customer service rep what was going on, as I had received their automated ‘welcome’ responses, etc. I was told that before they could do anything more, I needed to send them the CC copies. I then asked why they never contacted my either by phone or by email to tell me there was a problem? I had even sent their customer service email a message earlier to ask what was happening (this was several hours prior to the ‘live chat’) and never received a response either. The bottom line was that the ‘live chat’ customer service rep could only say sorry…but no explanation for their complete lack of service. The good news is that I am not signed up with VPSLand afterall, as I imagine that the poor customer service that I received was a picture of what I could expect in the future.

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